“A Flor e o Espinho” was composed in 1957. Guilherme de Brito and Alcides Caminha wrote the words and Nelson Cavaquinho the melody. Raul Moreno recorded it that same year. The song became quite popular when Elizeth Cardoso recorded it in 1964. Cavaquinho himself recorded it in 1973.

The way I’m playing it here comes from Paulinho Moska’s version. I think he recorded it specifically for the Woman on Top soundtrack, which includes six recordings by him.

If you already have advice to give, you’re not listening. If you already know how this story turns out, you’re not listening…And if you already have your counterattack planned, you’re not listening…make sure that really listening is your only agenda item at that moment if you want to build trust, develop relationships, solve problems, create collaboration, and demonstrate your leadership.