Deeper Water

Searching for Deeper Water


“I used to sit on the banks with a raft and watch the water roll lazily by. One day I pushed my raft into the shallows of the water and found the water moved swifter than I thought. My raft was actually a boat. Then, after some time, I rowed my little boat into deeper water. There were great storms, mighty winds, tremendous waves, and sometimes I felt so alone. But I have noticed my little rowboat is now a mighty ship manned by my friends and loved ones; and beautiful calm seas, warm sunny days, and nights filled with comfortable dreams always double after a storm. Now, I could never go back and sit on the bank. In fact, I search for deeper water. Such is life when lived.”

B. D. Gulledge

What is Deeper Water?

Over the past several years I have enjoyed posting to my various blogs. Each day as I post articles, photos, quotes and reblogs, I try to share my thoughts of the Deeper Water theme portrayed by B.D. Gulledge. Unfortunately, all I have found on how the author defines deeper water is contained within his narrative. Although his quote has been a favorite of mine for the past decade, and has been reposted countless times on the internet and in numerous published works, I’ve never been able to find any biographical information on the author. Perhaps someone reading this will be able to help here?

Your personal interpretation of his theme will ultimately depend on your experiences, core values and passions. As a reasoned optimist at heart I admire Gulledge’s quote. I revisit it constantly in my daily life approach. And here is how I seek deeper water:

  1. Seek Challenges: After 22 years in numerous army assignments, after being a business owner and employee, I still have a passion for new challenges. Whether they be professional or physical, I love them. An old and often quoted english proverb, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor,” states it so well. It is the hardships and challenges I have faced and any successes that have come my way that motivate me.
  2. Seek Personal Growth: I know I have to grow everyday to be a better me, a better husband, a better leader. I have to continue to learn through education and being receptive to new concepts, ideas and opinions.
  3. Seek Responsibility: As with every soldier, this was ingrained into my very fiber early in my army career. It applies equally to greater levels of leadership or taking responsibility for my actions and decisions.
  4. Seek Meaning: I like to refer to this as Spiritual Fitness. It is about having a sense of purpose and meaning in my life. It’s about strengthening the set of beliefs, principles or values that give me a sense of well-being, hope and the will to keep going.
  5. Seek Relationships: Gulledge portrayed the importance of relationships so perfectly in his narrative. I want my friends and loved ones to share this voyage with me!
  6. Seek Relaxation: We’re all familiar with the “work hard, play hard” concept. It’s all about a life balance. I am an advocate of a slight modification – work hard, relax hard. After facing my daily challenges and responsibilities, I, like Gulledge, relish …”beautiful calm seas, warm sunny days, and nights filled with comfortable dreams.”

So each day I set a course for my own deeper water. In what direction and where is your ship sailing?

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