The light spilling through the trees
How it illuminates what lies ahead
Sense the beauty of the day
The sounds of birds and insects
Creation’s orchestral arrangement
Sense the music of the day
The pines’ crisp, tangy aroma
Damp and earthy tones
Sense the fragrance of the day
The damp, cool morning air
Fulfilling flavor of the woods
Sense the satisfaction of the day
The dew covered grasses
Blades both wet and sharp
Sense the impact of the day

Rick Lewis, June 22, 2014

Upward reach to the stars again

Forgetting the past, how low I’ve been

Soaring high through this space

Afraid to look down

Holding you, can’t let go

Don’t hear a sound

If I fall

Would you lift me again

Staying afloat, never is sure

Will I succeed, can I endure

You hold me up, you give me hope

My vision is clear

Looking around, seeing it all

As long as you’re near

If I fall

Would you lift me again

Rick, 4/4/14