Set Sail to Paradise

The sails capture the sultry winds
Gliding across the turquoise sea
This is where our adventure begins
Embracing the need to be free    

As the crystalline heavens reflect
the oceans aqua blue
Its beauty is for us to inspect  
in the skies deep tropical hue     

We skim the waves in tranquilly
bound for Key Largo’s enchanted shore
With all of its unspoiled serenity
here you’ll open imaginations door  

Sandy white beaches are spied
touched by the blazing sun
We go romping through the tide
as children once had done

Time here does not exist  
in this idyllic place
Laughter is unable to resist
placing a smile upon your face  

The coral reefs are spellbinding
we see fish in a rainbow array
This underwater world is unwinding
in a dazzling delightful display 

The sun is setting in the west
Painting the azure sky
Twilight’s the time I love best
As the day bids us good-bye

The full moon now awakens
while night’s mysteries unfold
Love is for the taking
as its wonders we behold.

Sandra Dartt

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