Richard Thompson – “Wall Of Death”

This is truly a taste of Something Fine from Richard Thompson.  “Wall of Death” can be found on the album Shoot Out The Lights which was released in 1982.

Recorded by Richard and his wife, Linda Thompson, “Wall of Death” was by far my favorite song on the album and had special meaning to me.  As a young army lieutenant serving in the 82d Airborne Division from 1983 -1985, this was my favorite tune to listen to prior to a parachute jump.  It fully captured the excitement and thrill that can only be found in taking a little risk.

Let me ride on the Wall Of Death one more time
Let me ride on the Wall Of Death one more time
You can waste your time on the other rides
This is the nearest to being alive
Oh let me take my chances on the Wall Of Death

REBLOG PLEASE!  I am asking the Tumblr community, particularly those I follow and those who follow me, to REBLOG.  Brooks Maguire has put out a casting call for his new song and I am trying to get as much support for my good friend as possible.  WHY?  See my review HERE and you’ll get an idea of the quality of his character and links to hear his incredible talent.

Here is Brooks’ casting call:  ”This is an open casting call for individuals, groups, ANYONE to submit clips of themselves singing or lip syncing to the song, “MAUI” from my CD, “The Road I Never Chose” for inclusion in a music video for the song! For reference, you can hear the clip of the song at Send your submissions to and be a part of the next viral video!!”

Thanks and have fun putting your video clip together!!!


The Road I Never Chose

During the twenty-two years I served in the US Army, I found myself traveling down many roads I never anticipated.  This video is a tribute to the outstanding men and women serving our country who are unselfishly doing the same.  Thanks to Brooks Maguire for contributing his song, “The Road I Never Chose”, to this project.