The inevitable impact of doing a lot of creative work


“You aren’t going to change the world with your ideas.”

But why not at least try? What have we got to lose?

Often I encounter people who have ideas but never do more than sit and think about them. They tell me, “I have this great idea,” but when I ask how it’s going a month later, I’m told the…

The inevitable impact of doing a lot of creative work

You don’t need processes for creativity


Do you need to have a set creative process in order to be successful?

I’m not so sure. If I have a process, I am not aware of it.

More often than not, my own “process” for doing creative work (whether it’s programming, designing, or tying sticks together using twine) is simply to tinker…

You don’t need processes for creativity

Art has this surprisingly obvious impact on intelligence


There’s something about art that entices the brain, even for those who don’t consider themselves to be fans of art.

For example, if you go to a museum, you’re bound to find yourself looking at a work of art and immediately asking questions about it. What does it imply? How was it created?…

Art has this surprisingly obvious impact on intelligence