I am so honored to have one of my favorite writers, Robert Brault, profile me on his blog. His words have been an inspiration to me for many years. “Every seven minutes, every day, someone in the Twitter world tweets a Robert Brault quote.” Check out his blog. Thanks, Robert!

The Rick Lewis Touch

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Shouting out best wishes to my great friend Brooks Maguire for his CD release concert on the island of Maui today!!! Will be with you in Spirit, brother 

Listen to “Maui”, his amazing #1 song on the ourstage.com singer/songwriter chart, and start your day off right…


The inevitable impact of doing a lot of creative work


“You aren’t going to change the world with your ideas.”

But why not at least try? What have we got to lose?

Often I encounter people who have ideas but never do more than sit and think about them. They tell me, “I have this great idea,” but when I ask how it’s going a month later, I’m told the…

The inevitable impact of doing a lot of creative work