Why Not Eat Octopus?



Silvia Killingsworth on the ethics of eating an animal that has been characterized as “the closest we’ll get to meeting an intelligent alien”:

“It is impossible for us to fully know the inner lives of octopuses, but the more we continue to study them and other forms of life, the…

Why Not Eat Octopus?


A look at photographs from James Casebere’s “Landscape with Houses,” a series that was triggered by the mortgage crisis: http://nyr.kr/1gk3oQr

“At first, the picture appears to be of a well-groomed, suburban neighborhood, complete a with pastel sunset. But, in fact, it’s of a tiny model town, painstakingly built by hand, using plaster, wood, cardboard and, cheesecloth.”

“Landscape with Houses (Dutchess County, NY) #8” (2010).

All images courtesy of Sean Kelly, New York.

Poetry is part of everything. You can’t have a really good work if it’s not touched by poetry. Poetry manifests itself in millions of ways: as rhythm, metaphor, mood. Sometimes it’s a type of emotional outpouring or necessity that’s not expressed through characters but through feelings. To me, poetry is the tragic sense of man. It’s a way of seeing things in the most complete way, the most absolute, and, to a certain extent, the most perfect. Where there’s no poetry, there’s no beauty, and without beauty no kind of artistic work can exist.

The late Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas in a 1983 interview: http://nyr.kr/1f4dEJd (via newyorker)